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Baby Botox – The Latest Skin Care Trend


While not a new treatment, Baby Botox is becoming more and more popular with people interested in Botox and similar injectables.

So what is Baby Botox? Its Botox, but used in smaller amounts only in specific areas of the face. Using smaller amounts of Botox and only injecting it in very specific spots ensures that the benefits of Botox are achieved, without being obvious (no frozen look). Typically, Baby Botox is used around the eyes and forehead, but could technically be used anywhere on the face.

Baby Botox is commonly used by younger patients who don’t have as many wrinkles and therefore need less product, those new to injectables and those looking for a subtle alternative to regular Botox. Baby Botox is less expensive (you’re using less), but like regular Botox, the effects will wear off with time.

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