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Top Nail Trends Of 2017

As we look back on 2017, it’s clear that the year offered a number of leading manicure trends. Whether you sported embellished tips or gleaming hologram nails this year, all manner of funky talons made their statement this past year. As nail addicts know, 2017 was all about technologies of the future, over-the-top nail art and bright and shiny surfaces. We’ve rounded up the best nail trends of the year, whether they made a statement on the city sidewalks or were spotted on social media first.

Photo: eve_lynn_ka on Instagram 


This year, there was nothing cooler than a metallic manicure. Whether you opted for copper, gold or silver, metal-toned nails took over the spotlight in a major way. Metallic nail polish also made an entrance in rose gold and chrome shades, proving that various takes on the gleaming, futuristic mani were the way to go.

Photo: fashionnailsorleans on Instagram 

Dip Powder

Dip powder nails were one of the biggest innovations of the year, making a splash with their supposedly long-lasting finish and usage of pigmented powder. To achieve the look, nail lovers would literally dip (hence the name) their fingers into a jar of powder. Far from being plain, dip powder nail colours involved everything from sparkly silver to pastel pink.

Photo: emzynails on Instagram 


Metallics may have enjoyed a moment in 2017, but holographics were also a leading manicure look of the year. With their eye-catching, glimmering tones and sleek texture, hologram nails could be spotted just about everywhere. Long talons were painted with holographic polish, while acrylic nails allowed beauty lovers to master the look without growing out their natural nails.