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Rock A High Ponytail For All Your Holiday Parties

With holiday party season approaching, it can be daunting to choose the perfect hairstyle for just about every occasion. From cocktail parties to corporate functions, many of us have a number of events on the horizon. If you want a versatile hairstyle which can take you from day to night, look no further than the high ponytail. With its playful nature and its ability to be either sleek or voluminous, the cheerleader pony can easily be adapted for a night out. Take a closer look at these examples, and rock the hairstyle all season long.

Photo: christinvk_hair on Instagram 

Crown braided ponytail: Try adorning your visage with a crown braided high ponytail for a romantic spin on this classic hairdo. The face-framing crown braid can introduce visual interest to your ponytail and help to bring a soft touch to your face. Meanwhile, romantic loose curls and volume at the crown can flatter your tresses, and complete your hairstyle.

Photo: fairytalesbridalboutique on Instagram 

Big and bold curls: Whether it’s a gala or even a late autumn wedding, an ornate curly ponytail can bring your hairstyle to new levels. Create a wrapped ponytail by wrapping strands around the base of your pony, and then craft luxurious, loose curls at the base of your pony. For a finishing touch, a tiny fishtail side braid at the top of your head helps to enhance your look.

Photo: haircandi__ on Instagram 

Sleek and straight: If you prefer simplicity to extravagance, there’s nothing quite like pin-straight locks to truly lend a fierce edge to your style. Try slicking all your hair back, creating a sky-high ponytail and then wrapping a thick handful of locks around the ponytail base.