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Glam Glittery Nails That Are Perfect For The Holidays

For anyone who likes shimmer and shine, the holidays offer a perfect chance to rejoice. Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa or unwrapping a gift, there’s also no denying that all the attention will be on your hands. In order to truly finish your beauty look of the day, consider a seasonal glittery manicure as an essential touch. This season, we’ve turned our attention to Instagram, and have discovered a few nail looks which will leave you ready to celebrate the holidays.

Photo: deborahlippmann on Instagram 

Multicoloured sparkles: A hint of bright sparkle can immediately awaken your fingertips, and also capture your inner child at heart. If you love vivid tones, try polishing your fingers with rainbow-toned glitter in shades of violet, green, blue and silver. The look of colourful glittery tips instantly brings holiday cheer to mind, and is a perfectly festive finish to just about any outfit.

Photo: itsthatnailperson on Instagram 

Mauve and gold: Try painting long, elegant fingernails with a sleek shade of mauve or coral. While not quite the in-your-face scarlet that typically marks the holiday season, purple-pink hues can also look surprisingly wintry and chic. Add a glittery gold fingernail to contrast against the colour, and create a statement look.

Photo: lissablesjamberry on Instagram 

Green and metallics: Try capturing the colour of boughs of holly and evergreen trees, but in a lighter, more subtle shade of olive green. Next, accent your light green nails with specks of golden glitter flakes that are determined to brighten your mood. As a more sophisticated take on holiday greens, olive and khaki shades can be paired with metallics for a seasonal feel.

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