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The Hot New Skincare Ingredient Is Arbutin

It’s a well-known fact that a clear complexion that is free of dark spots can instantly offer you a natural and youthful glow, which is always a beauty goal of ours. Although there are new superfoods and new super ingredients on the market every season that promise to purify the visage, the latest skincare breakthrough claims to be an all-natural solution. Arbutin is taking the beauty industry by storm, as a new miracle ingredient that is said to brighten complexions, fade dark spots and improve the overall appearance of your skin tone. Arbutin is a botanical extract from bearberry plants, which makes it a much safer alternative to other harsh pigment reducing agents. It claims to offer skin brightening properties, work effectively on all skin types and cause dark spots to fade over time. It has been recently discovered as one of the most advanced skin lightening ingredients, because it interferes with activity of an enzyme called tyrosinanse, which is highly involved in pigment production.

Dark spots are caused by excessive sun damage or acne scars, and are commonly regarded as one of the most conspicuous signs of aging. Although correcting hyperpigmentation is not easy, it can be possible if you incorporate the right products into your skincare routine. Recently, hydroquinone (which is a common brightening agent) has been proven to be a toxic and unsafe solution to targeting dark spots. Rather than killing pigment producing cells like hydroquinone-based brightening agents do, arbutin-activated products claim to gently suppress unwanted pigmentation.  

You can find arbutin as an active ingredient in a variety of different lotions, serums and treatments that are intended to lighten dark spots and brighten your overall complexion. While you can certainly seek out dermatologist lasers to correct your skin, arbutin just might be a naturally sourced and effective option that can safely and quickly help to eliminate your dark spots.

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