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Root Beer Hair Is A New Rich Brunette Shade For Fall

Photo: plushingtonbeautybar on Instagram 

For brunettes who are hoping to integrate rich shades into their natural hair colour, the latest trend in hair may be the perfect solution. Known as root beer hair, this trend is quickly making waves on social media. Similar to the soft drink, root beer hair involves shades of chocolate brown that are artfully combined with sun-kissed golden streaks. The subtle and soft highlights complement the richness of the brown colour, and help to draw the focus to the visage. With a combination of highlights and lowlights, root beer hair integrates a few sunny strands into a head of deep, dark locks.

Try drawing your inspiration from Instagram, where numerous takes on root beer hair have been making an appearance. From long bobs to long messy waves, this hair colour fad is certainly a versatile look. The neutral colour also makes it a wearable and realistic choice for brunettes, as opposed to many of the rainbow and pastel colours that are also currently trending. If you’re coveting a root beer makeover this autumn, look no further than these looks spotted on Instagram.  

Photo: hairenthusiast1284 on Instagram 

Photo: theresesnow_haircolor on Instagram