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Golden Toffee Hair- The Sweetest New Take On Fall/Winter Colour

Photo: motif.on.main on Instagram 

Although toffee colours may be making an appearance around this time of year in the form of sweets, toffee isn’t just for holiday gift baskets anymore. As the latest hair trend, golden toffee hair is a winning mix of light brunette and dark blond. The multi-toned, rich colour is quickly making an appearance, and can be an easy way to brighten up dull or mousy locks. If you’re trying to rock the trend, look no further than these gorgeous hair looks from Instagram.

Loose curls and golden colour: If you’re looking for a brightening touch, turn to the look of flowing waves and light blond colour. Touching up your hair with golden ombre highlights and light ends is the perfect way to instantly refresh your locks.

Photo: pierrickberinger on Instagram 

Deep tousled waves: For anyone wondering how to bring some dimension to their tresses, there’s nothing quite like a golden toffee colour to refresh your strands. Integrate platinum streaks and slightly shimmering colour into your hairstyle, and prepare to stun. Meanwhile, slightly tousled waves help to create a gorgeous, bountiful hairstyle.

Photo: terencepaulhairdressing on Instagram 

Caramel and toffee highlights: Try integrating caramel and toffee streaks into your hairdo, and try illuminating your hairstyle with a number of fresh highlights. Subtle, smooth waves can bring your locks to life, and bring dimension and depth to your flowing mane.