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Thanksgiving Nails That Are Perfect For The Season

Whether you’re craving turkey and cranberry or simply in the mood for some rest and relaxation, Canadian Thanksgiving is around the corner. For anyone who wants to bring the holiday into their beauty regimen, seasonal nails are a perfect fix. With flattering, festival shades of orange and brown, the colours of the crisp leaves outside can easily be replicated on your fingertips. Look no further than these nail art looks that are suitable for your Thanksgiving festivities.

Photo: cjs220 on Instagram 

Bold sparkle: If you want a kitschy take on the typical Thanksgiving manicure, try incorporating glitter and whimsical turkey motifs into your nail art. Start off by polishing your nails with broad horizontal stripes of orange, white and yellow. Meanwhile, thin stripes of gold glitter and swirls of orange sparkle can bring your talons to life.

Photo: fanatasticnails on Instagram 

Glittery tips and rich shades of brown: The Thanksgiving mani can be surprisingly stylish, particularly once you have incorporated brown glitter French tips into your look. Paint your remaining fingernails with a deep chocolate brown nail polish, and accent your nails with yellow leaf nail art.

Photo: glamournailsny on Instagram 

Plaid designs and cartoon turkeys: For visual interest, try accenting your nails with a checkered design in shades of white and orange. Contrast the plaid nails with solid orange nail polish on a few fingers, as well as a cartoon turkey decal on your thumbs.

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