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Get Perfect Almond Nails With These Nail Art Ideas

If you’re bored of your short, square manicure, you may want to consider experimenting with almond tips for a change. The look of elegant long talons which are filed into sharp points has been dominating Instagram for quite some time. Whether your colour of choice is pale pink or pastel blue, there is an almond manicure which can suit just about everyone. Take your cues from these nail art looks, and try sporting this glamorous, dramatic trend for yourself right now.

Photo: richgirlnailbar_ on Instagram 

Neutral pink: For anyone wanting to lengthen their fingers, nothing does the trick quite like long acrylic nails. If you want to avoid garish detail or over-the-top rhinestones, try sticking to pale pink nail polish instead. Create an ombre nail look with soft shades of peach, coral or blush, and instantly transform stubby fingertips into elegant digits.

Photo: visenna47 on Instagram 

Swirling patterns: As a change from boring solid tones, adorn your nails with artfully designed black floral nail art. The look of swirling black patterns over pastel pink nails is an effortlessly gorgeous combination. Try creating the nail art yourself with a nail polish pen or decals, or stick to acrylics for a simple solution. 

Photo: irene_casarano on Instagram 

Sparkly blues: Accessorize a few nails on each hand with bright cobalt or royal blue polish, and decorate the remaining fingers with shimmering polish in shades of silver, white and pale blue. The mix of aquatic hues and sparkle evokes immediate mermaid vibes, while sharply filed almond tips only help to complete your nail makeover.