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The Most Outrageous New Nail Trend Is Disco Nails

Photo: nail_unistella on Instagram 

If you’re looking for a manicure trend which can instantly light up your fingertips, consider disco nails as an intriguing new option. While these talons may not be suitable for the minimalist who has an aversion to sparkle and glitter, disco nails can certainly work for your next party. Popularized by South Korean nail salon Unistella, LED disco nails have officially lit up Instagram. With the inclusion of tiny flashing lights and oversized tips, LED nail art is ruling social media.

#LEDdisconail Who would stop us?? ?????? Come on! Do the finger dance with me! ??#unistella ???

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In a season where so many vintage beauty trends are surfacing once again, it’s hardly surprising that LED nails are making a grand entrance. Whether you’re attending a 1970s themed dinner party or a club night, you can rest assured that your colourful talons will brighten any room that you enter.

Inspired by Unistella’s approach, several other nail accounts are also embracing the look. From black-polished fingernails accented with shimmering, holographic blue and purple designs to funky abstract patterns, there are countless approaches to this trend. Whether you’re filing your nails into pointed almond shapes or switching your usual polish for a disco-hued colour palette, keep this nail trend in mind. We’ve curated a couple examples of this manicure fad to inspire your next party, whether you’re hitting the dance floor or entertaining at home.

Photo: lazymodestfashionista on Instagram 

Photo: thenailedition on Instagram 

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