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Orange Nails Are Here For Autumn- Here’s How To Rock Them

Photo: kiziolinka on Instagram 

Although we’re still a few weeks removed from the season of pumpkins and crisp leaves, there’s no denying the fact that orange is in the air already. As we step away from the Creamsicle shades of peach, expect to see warm shades of dark coral, tangerine and burnt orange everywhere. When it comes to manicure trends, orange nails are slated to make a grand appearance.

However, there’s a right way, as well as a wrong way, to rock this nail trend. The trick is to stay away from bright nail decals and dazzling rhinestones, and stick to a combination of solids and sparkle instead. Start off by painting your nails in alternating shades of pink and coral, and accent a few fingernails with shimmering polish. The look of mixed nail polish colours, combined with glittery nails, can transform regular orange tips into a party-ready statement.

Photo: nails.ksjolund on Instagram 

If you prefer simplicity, consider painting your fingernails with a shade of burnt orange. The autumnal hue is not only appropriate for the change in seasons, it is also a winning look for the remaining few weeks of fall. Turn to long, square talons, and polish them in a solid orange shade to truly bring the focus to your fingertips.

From work to play, there’s nothing quite like orange nails to complete your beauty looks. All we ask is that you choose a flattering shade, and avoid any garish neon brights if you can!