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Modern Art Nails Are A Leading Manicure Trend For Fall

If you’re a fan of modern art who is constantly captivated by the bright colours and unique patterns, you’ll be pleased to know that modern art nails are officially en vogue. With their explosion of bold tones and abstract swirls of colour, these artsy talons have already been spotted on the Fall 2017 runways. In fact, models strut down the catwalk at Novis sporting polished, eye-catching vibrant tips. Away from the catwalks, modern art nails have been making waves amongst the beauty lovers of Instagram. For anyone wondering how to sport the trend, try drawing your cues from these examples of the trend. 

Photo: texaschainsawmanicure on Instagram 

Think slashes of bright colour: If you’re feeling the colourful rainbow vibes of summer, consider painting your fingertips with an array of vivid tones. Start off by polishing your fingernails with white polish, and then accent the nail polish with an explosion of bright colours. Abstract stripes and splashes of blue, violet, yellow and orange can instantly brighten your fingertips.

Photo: incocoproducts on Instagram 

Turn to colourblocking: The look of long, gleaming talons accented with brilliant hues can immediately evoke party-ready vibes. Start off by creating a funky colourblocked effect, in the form of yellow, red, purple and blue designs. From diagonal shapes to funky rectangles, the look of colourblocked shapes is a perfect way to update your manicure.

Photo: eyelureboutique on Instagram 

Consider lavender and white colours: For a contemporary set of talons, accent your fingernails with asymmetrical white and pale purple geometric shapes. Meanwhile, the occasional black diamond or square can liven up your talons, with clear nail polish as a base coat.