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Cereal Hair Rules Instagram As A Bizarre New Trend

Photo: allydestouttt on Instagram 

While many of us started off our childhood weekends with a bowl of artificially coloured cereal, we never could have imagined that the Froot Loops of the past would be the beauty inspiration of today! However, it seems that anything is possible in the age of pastel hair. Suiting the hair’s funky and vibrant hairstyles, aptly titled “cereal hair” has now arrived on the scene. Much like the sugary and terribly tempting breakfasts of our past, cereal hair is rainbow-coloured and eye-catching.

Photo: nataliesrosie on Instagram 

According to PopSugar, the beauty trend was popularized this summer by Vancouver hairstylist Amanda Glikes. With an infusion of bright yellow, violet, red and green strands, the final product instantly brings a bowl of kids’ cereal to mind. While this particular example of the trend featured carefully blended locks, other examples involve deliberate neon streaks, bold splashes of colour and even dip-dyed ends.

Photo: alteredimagedurham on Instagram 

From platinum blondes to brunettes, the trend has been adapted for many different heads of hair. Some ladies are probably sporting waist-length locks bedecked in cereal hues, while other styles are short and choppy. However, each hairdo has one thing in common- the explosion of neon bright strands, which give the crazy trend its very appropriate name!

Photo: amandavshair on Instagram