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Black Accent Nails- The New Way To Rock An Edgy Manicure

Photo: pure_nailart on Instagram 

If you’re wondering how to update your fingertips this season, the look of black accent nails can easily refresh your manicure. While solid black nail polish once reigned supreme, this rebellious trend has been slightly refreshed with a contemporary update. Instead of plain black tips, beauty lovers are now introducing stripes of black nail lacquer to their fingertips. Layered over pale pink, stark white and metallic silver tips, there’s nothing quite like black accent tips for a striking effect.

For a more glamorous finish, some beauty lovers are shaping their fingernails into pointed almond tips. Meanwhile, others are dotting their nails with tiny silver rhinestones and glittery polish. Daring black and white stripes, along with painted abstract designs, are also making their way into the trend. With the occasional nude nail, this trend of black-accented nails can certainly bring your fingers to life.

Before testing out the trend, try drawing your beauty inspiration from these Instagram snapshots. Whether you’re a fan of gothic glamour or simply wanting a break from peachy summertime manicures, this fad may be one to embrace this season.

Photo: rachaelwest_naildesign on Instagram 

Photo: rachaelwest_naildesign on Instagram