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3 New Ways To Wear The Topknot

If you’re looking for ways to revamp your hairstyle without booking an expensive salon appointment, try experimenting with a new twist on the topknot. Whether your locks are long or short, the topknot is a perfect way to create a quick early morning hairstyle. From integrating braids into your hairdo to a half-up and half-down hairstyle, look no further than these easy and wearable ideas.

Photo: rebeccalouise_hair on Instagram 

Try a voluminous half topknot: For those who only want to wear half of their hair up, try bringing half of your hair up into a high volume, bouffant style topknot. The look of texturized strands can immediately bring an edge to your locks, while loosely curled ends can polish off your style.

Photo: stylzzhair on Instagram 

Go for mini buns: The topknot may seem like a messy, last minute hairstyle, but it can be surprisingly elaborate and chic. Try plaiting the top of your hair into tightly woven braids, and then creating one mini topknot on either side of your head. Meanwhile, flowing straight locks help to balance out your structural style, for a sleek effect.

Photo: prive_christina on Instagram 

Get glamorous with curls and texture: For a special occasion approach to the hasty bun, incorporate a wrapped topknot into your hairstyle. Paired with a French braid and flawless curls, the topknot receives a serious update and can easily result in an elegant, feminine hair transformation.

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