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3 New Spins On The Classic Preppy Ponytail

Although the cheerleader ponytail has been spotted on a number of red carpets, this hairstyle is also making waves all over social media. A quick glance at Instagram quickly reveals that this preppy hairdo is making a name for itself among beauty lovers everywhere. With teased and styled locks being styled into a high pony, the cheerleader hairstyle can easily bring you from late summer to early fall. If you’re wondering how to put a stylish new spin on your favourite five minute hairstyle, check out these tricks for revamping your ponytail right now.

Photo: beyondtheponytail on Instagram 

Try braids: From boxer braids to French plaits, the braiding trend continues to reign supreme this season. To integrate woven locks into your high ponytail, consider a braided high ponytail as a key look. The effect of teased and texturized locks can bring a cool finishing touch to an otherwise simple ‘do. Meanwhile, a thick braided section running through the ponytail can complete your hairstyle.

Photo: hairbynataliehengel on Instagram 

Experiment with a wrapped wavy ponytail: If you prefer a loose, unstructured ponytail, consider creating soft waves and then styling your locks into a low or mid-height ponytail. Wrap a few sections of hair around the base of your pony, to bring texture and visual interest to your strands.

Photo: beautyby_brittanyjean on Instagram 

Think playful curls: While tightly woven and hairsprayed curls might bring memories of prom night to mind, a soft and youthful curly ponytail is a completely different story. Start off by smoothing your locks, twisting them into a low pony and then curling the ends for a feminine feel.

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