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Summer Nails Get Cool With The Fire And Ice Trend

Photo: sheree_tng on Instagram 

Although we’re feeling the heat of summer, there’s no denying that ice (particularly the decorative, crystal variety) can certainly bring our temperatures down. Our preferred type of ice is inspiring a quirky new manicure trend, which is aptly titled fire and ice nails. With their shimmering nature and long talons, a fire and ice mani just might be your solution to adorning your fingertips for summer parties.

According to Popsugar, these nails are meant to create the effect of shattered glass. The fire and ice manicure is sure to catch the light, with their iridescent sparkle and soft shades of pale blue. On Instagram, some examples of the trend involve sharp, pointed almond tips, while others involve shorter lengths. Either way, the fire and ice fingernail makes a splash with its sequins, glitter and beadwork. Meanwhile, eye-catching shades of blue and white bring an icy cool effect to the overall mani.

If you’re wondering whether this rising nail fad is suitable for you, take a look at these various takes on the trend. For the ice princess who wants to rock bejewelled fingertips, fire and ice just may cool down your summertime beauty this season.

Photo: thenailceo on Instagram 

Photo: nailedrva on Instagram