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Master The Infinity Braid Hairstyle Like A Pro

Photo: heatherhairandbridalstylist on Instagram 

By this point, most beauty lovers are already familiar with the plethora of braided hairstyles that have been making waves for the balmy, romantic months of summer. Joining the ranks of the fishtail braid and the double Dutch braid, the infinity braid can now be spotted all over social media. This elaborately plaited hairstyle is meant to resemble an infinity symbol, and has a shape which brings a figure eight to mind.

Photo: jbraidsandbows on Instagram 

If you have naturally long or thick locks, an infinity braid can enhance your mane and create a fairytale hairstyle. The hairstyle is created by gradually weaving the strands of hair into the infinity shape, until you achieve a stunning braid. For those who are unsure of plaiting an entire head of hair into one braid, a mini infinity plait can help you master the trend as well. As for the rest of your locks, try creating soft waves or curls for a contrasting effect.

Photo: mastersofbraids on Instagram 

Meanwhile, a woven infinity crown braid can also offer you princess vibes and is perfectly flattering for music festival season. To complete the look, stick to wispy, loosely falling waves which can frame your face and suit the free-spirited energy of summertime.