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Fruit Nails Are The Sweet New Take On Summer Manicures

Photo: kamila_domanska on Instagram 

If you’ve been craving watermelon and pineapple this summer, then you’ll surely be pleased by the newest manicure trend. Fruit nails are quickly making a splash as a rising manicure trend, and can be spotted on stylish fingertips just about everywhere. Suiting the picnic and backyard party vibes of summertime, fruity nail art draws its inspiration from the tempting tropical delights of the season.

Photo: jadetangtheartist on Instagram 

To get a truly chic look, some manicure lovers are adorning a select few fingertips with pastel nail polish. Next, they are accenting the remaining nails with vibrant fruit decals or nail art looks. From ballet slipper pink to sunny yellow, the perfect nail polish can easily revamp your fruity fingertips.

Whether you prefer cutesy cartoon watermelons or intricately sketched pineapples, take your creative influences from the fruit basket this summer. From short square tips to long almond tips, fruit nails are paving the way for a surprisingly sweet new manicure trend. 

Photo: akiwwwnail on Instagram