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Dip Powder Nails Are The Newest Manicure Innovation

Photo: arisnails on Instagram 

Although we’re used to hearing about the various emerging manicure trends that are constantly making an appearance, it seems that there’s a technical innovation every season as well. As the latest technique in nail art, dip powder nails are officially stealing the spotlight. This innovation involves an acrylic powder, which is said to last longer than a classic polish job or even acrylic tips.

In order to create the manicure, nail artists start off by first applying a liquid coat and a gel coat. Next, the fingernails are carefully dipped into a powder solution, which applies the colour to the nails. To get rid of the powder, a manicurist will use a special solution that is designed to remove the dipped nail colour.

From beautiful baby blue to light purple, the dipped manicure appears to be making a name for itself. For nail lovers who want a stubborn mani with polish which will not budge, dip powder nails may be a beauty solution. However, the powerful substances of the solution may also damage nails. If you prefer an au naturel look, it may be best to stick to your usual nail lacquer, which can be easily removed at home.

Before you dip into this rising beauty trend, have a look at these examples of powder nails from Instagram.

Photo: nails_by_amandabeer on Instagram 

Photo: designernailsstudio on Instagram