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Unicorn Makeup- Is This A Fantastic New Trend Or Just A Fantasy?

Photo: adrianaszucs on Instagram 

While inside every woman is a little girl fascinated by unicorns, this mystical beast has also been inspiring a number of makeup looks for the modern lady. Although unicorn horn eyeliner first made a splash last year, unicorn beauty has been elevated to entirely new heights since then. With its soft explosion of violet, mauve and light blue tones, unicorn makeup can truly transform you into a fantastical beauty.

As this trend is in the early stages, it’s difficult to predict if it will fully take off for the summer months. Whether unicorn makeup is a fleeting fad or a fantastic new statement, we are truly captivated by the infusion of pastel tones. On Instagram, some beauty lovers are outlining their eyes with sky blue eyeliner and adding swipes of lavender shadow to transform their lids. Meanwhile, the look can be completed with softly flushed cheek colour and rosy pink lips.

Photo: renegade_pretties on Instagram 

If you prefer minimalism and don’t want to step out with garish makeup, consider lightly shimmering lavender and green shadow. Paired with curled lashes, green eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyelids can truly transform your face.

Photo: wfashionlovers on Instagram 

For those who would rather have loud and proud lids, the makeup trend can also be adapted for the evening hours. Accent your eyelids with blended magenta and violet tones, and enhance your eye makeup with a serious slash of black winged eyeliner. A glossy pink pout and the addition of false lashes can also help to transport your daytime look into nighttime glamour.

With the many different versions of unicorn makeup, it’s clear that pink, blue and violet shades are officially tone. Although you don’t quite have to glue a unicorn horn to your forehead, there’s nothing wrong with jumping into the trend, and playing with colour just a bit.