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Pale Pink Nails Are Officially Cool

For Summer 2017, pretty in pink seems to be the motto of the season. From the runways to the city sidewalks, pink-toned beauty looks can be spotted just about everywhere. Once you have the appropriately ballet slipper-hued eyeshadow and matching lipstick, it’s time to focus on your manicure. Light pink nails are set to cause a sensation in their own right, proving that a traditional understated mani never quite goes out of style. With the ability to be glamourized for the evening hours or worn simply, blush pink nails can be sported all week long. We’ve curated a few nail looks which just may inspire you to refresh your tips now.

Photo: dimondsndprls on Instagram 

Add a silver streak for a glitzy touch: Naturally, all shades of pink can be paired with metallic tones. Silver is certainly no exception to this rule, as it has been spotted on countless pale pink fingertips. For a party-ready look, try accenting your candy pink talons with a single vertical stripe in a silvery shade. Nail striping tape or even shiny metallic nail polish can leave you ready to put your hands in the air, as you dance the night away.

Photo: pennyfeng1219 on Instagram 

Get creative with nail art: If sweet and soft pink nails have left you bored, you can easily combine rebellious and funky touches with this subtle colour. Channel your inner party girl and accessorize your nails with faux nail gems. Gold, silver and dark pink shades contrast beautifully against ballet slipper tones, for the best of both worlds.

Photo: mariesnailcare on Instagram 

Turn to glossy polish and a shimmery accent nail: To dress up your solid nails, try accenting your pale pink nails with a high gloss top coat for a slick, lacquered effect. Meanwhile, a single statement nail in sparkly pink lends a playful, glittering finishing touch.