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Ice Cream Makeup- Is This Beauty Trend Sweet Or Just Scary?

Photo: tiff_lovees on Instagram 

Last year, it was ice cream nails that made a splash in the world of beauty, with their confectionary shades and intricate detail inspired by the frozen dairy dessert. One year later, beauty addicts have found a new way to truly celebrate the official treat of summer. As we greet Summer 2017, it’s ice cream makeup which is quickly lighting up faces all over Instagram.

With its garish shades and splashy, flamboyant style, ice cream inspired is certainly not for the wallflower. Perhaps interpreting the trend far too literally, the season’s most eccentric new beauty trend takes the idea of a tempting cone too far. In fact, makeup addicts with a sweet tooth are painting their faces with shades of pale blue and pink. Staying true to the cotton candy shades of the season, lips inspired by sprinkles and vivid eyeshadow are also being factored into the look.

Photo: aaannalla on Instagram 

When it comes to actually sporting this trend, we’re not sure if it’s one which is actually wearable. We can certainly see ice cream makeup making an entrance at music festivals or even for a costume party, but can’t see it worn anywhere else. Unless you work as a clown, a children’s birthday entertainer or perhaps drive an ice cream truck yourself, there aren’t many jobs which would encourage this look!

Photo: glam_eyes_by_vivi on Instagram 

So, is the strange fad of ice cream makeup sweet and playful, or does it lean toward terrifying instead? We aren’t quite sold on the gaudy faux sprinkles, overwhelming burst of neon colours or the harshly painted lips. If you’re craving a cone and want to skip the calories by bringing ice cream into your beauty instead, we suggest toning the trend down. A soft pastel blue smokey eye, rosy pink blush or mauve lipstick can help you capture ice cream tones instead- the right way!