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Try These Beach Inspired Manicure Ideas For June

As we eagerly await another season of beaches and seaside picnics, try updating your nails to suit the beauty of summertime. Whether you’re escaping to an exotic locale this summer or staying right at home, beach inspired nail art can transport you to the desert islands of your dreams. Before you book an appointment at your favourite nail salon or plan a spa night at home with your girlfriends, draw your inspiration from these Instagram manicure looks.

Photo: mattyv80 on Instagram 

Experiment with blue and gold: From the beautiful skies to the sand, the beach stuns with its variety of turquoise and golden hues. Try channelling the colour scheme of the beach with an inspired mani which features robin’s egg blue nails and gold glitter. For a statement, try painting a single nail with a starfish motif and a hint of shimmering polish.

Photo: nailpolish__passion on Instagram 

Think rainbow tones: As families and groups of friends prepare to hit the beach, we can certainly expect to see all manners of colourful tones on the shore. From multicoloured bikinis to vibrant beach balls, try bringing this aesthetic into your own manicure of the week. Create a tortoiseshell design, with a variety of peach, blue and green shades. Meanwhile, tiny starfish nail decals can quite literally bring the beach life to your fingertips.

Photo: milovatsi on Instagram 

Turn to marble nail art and miniature seashells: For a more elaborate take on marble nails, consider painting your nails in a vivid turquoise colour. Add a marble effect splash, along with bursts of silver and black. Accent a single fingernail with tiny faux seashells, for an intricate take toward beach inspired beauty.