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The Hottest Hollywood Hair Transformations Of Spring 2017

As the weather warms, adventurous beauty lovers tend to lighten and crop their locks to suit the change in the temperatures. Much like the rest of us, Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars have also taken to the stylist’s chair this season, and emerged with refreshing results. From Selena Gomez to the legendary J.Lo, we take a look at the best celebrity hair makeovers of the season so far.

Photo: selenagomez on Instagram 

Selena Gomez

The 24-year-old singer is often easily recognized by her flowing raven waves, but she recently showcased a newly shorn hairstyle on Instagram. Gomez’s chin-length textured bob is quite the drastic change from her usual mermaid locks, but somehow looks both edgy and chic. Although the look was later revealed to be a wig, fans still got a taste of what the brunette bombshell would look like with cropped tresses- and the result was certainly a beautiful sight. 

Photo: ddlovato on Instagram 

Demi Lovato

Earlier this spring, the Confident songstress made a grand entrance with her slightly wavy and perfectly tousled bob haircut. While the 24-year-old star has stayed true to her brunette bombshell roots, her subtle golden highlights frame her face. Meanwhile, the shorter length of this cut draws the attention to her large dark eyes and glowing complexion.

Photo: jlo on Instagram 

Jennifer Lopez

With her latest hairstyle, the 47-year-old diva proves that she truly is eternally youthful. Jennifer Lopez’s straight, sleek and perfectly highlighted lob brings the focus to her visage. While she may have been previously spotted with her trailing tresses worn in a series of high ponytails, this shorter cut is a stylish change. The flawless centre part, sun-kissed colour and silky smooth strands all emphasize her natural beauty.