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Wire Nails Bring The Metallic Manicure To An Entirely New Level

Photo: nail_unistella on Instagram 

While bracelet nails and chain nails were a surprising manicure trend last year, wire nails are the latest innovation which brings metallic fingertips to new levels. Although shimmering decals and details are nothing new in the manicure world, wire nails interpret the trend quite literally. In fact, wire-adorned nails feature tiny and intricate three-dimensional designs. Added on top of the nail, the wiry finish offers a cool, funky architectural finish. While this trend is certainly not practical for everyday life, it can be an edgy and unconventional statement look for a night out. 

Photo: unistella_by_ek_lab on Instagram 

On Instagram, beauty lovers can be spotted with gold wire-accented nails. Placed atop every shade of nail polish from sheer to vampy red, the wire accents bring an eye-catching touch to fingernails. While some nail lovers are sticking to minimalism in the form of clear tips, others are gravitating toward basic black and pale pink. Occasionally, the addition of floral nail art and faux gemstones helps to transform nails into a statement look.

Photo: yoshiko.720 on Instagram 

For rebels who are wondering how to capture this nail look, try taking a look at the various examples of the trend on Instagram. Whether your personal taste gravitates toward understated and chic or you prefer punchy and bold, wire nails could be the coolest new twist on metallic beauty.

Photo: jinmayu on Instagram