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Would You Try Negative Space Makeup?

Photo: covergirl on Instagram 

While negative space nail art may have made some waves in recent months, the latest trend takes the concept of negative space beauty at face value- literally!  Negative space makeup has officially become a fad, and is garnering attention on Instagram for its quirky, creative look. Similarly to negative space nails, the eye makeup trend involves a thin section of the eyelid which is free of shadow. This natural area blends in effortlessly with the surrounding colour, for an edgy au naturel slice which completes the look.

Beauty addicts are unveiling multiple variations of the eye makeup look, which include soft pastel-toned lids with intersecting negative space swirls. For an adventurous take on the look, some makeup gurus are also experimenting with jagged eyeliner, colourful brows and shimmer. However you decide to experiment with the trend, negative space makeup brings this popular trend from the fingertips to the visage.

If you want to bring a striking effect to your eyeshadow, a single bare strip can easily showcase your eye makeup in all of its glory. In fact, the negative space trend offers a futuristic, funky and ultimately fierce statement which can take you from day to night. For a closer glimpse at this trend, look no further than these examples from social media.

Photo: glammyfacebysara on Instagram 

Photo: kejti__k on Instagram