Hair Foiling Steals The Spotlight As A Holiday Hair Trend

Photo: beautylaunchpad on Instagram 

As we approach the holidays, shimmer will no doubt be making a splash in beauty routines. After all, it’s hard to avoid the season’s metallic glow and frosty glitter, especially with Christmas in the air. However, the latest in sparkling holiday beauty does not focus on eye makeup or lips. Instead, hair foiling has emerged as a daring, must-try trend for the festive season.

According to Marie Claire, hair foiling has been popularized by Kevin Murphy hairstylist Sarah Lund. The look involves tiny bits of gold foil that are strategically placed in the hair for a contrasting effect. With a few scattered pieces of foil worn along one side of the hair, beauty addicts can bring a luminous touch to their holiday hairstyle.

Whether you’re sporting luxurious waves or bouncy and voluminous curls, a hint of foil just may revive your locks. If this trend is any indication, foiling isn’t just for your holiday baking and Christmas turkey anymore. In fact, hair foils can apparently be sported long after your highlights have been touched up, and just may be shining under the mistletoe this year.