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Edible Chocolate Nails- Is This The Sweetest Manicure Ever?

Photo: naileditnz on Instagram 

With the holiday season upon us, there’s no doubt that chocolate is everywhere to be seen. However, for those who are aiming to avoid the extra calories of seasonal treats, there may be a less fattening way to embrace the sweet stuff.

As the latest beauty trend, edible chocolate nails are quickly joining the ranks of lickable lip gloss and skincare scrubs which are safe to consume. The surprisingly sugary manicure look has been created by New Zealand-based nail artist Jessie Mills, whose recent chocolate nail art has been making waves.

Mills’ nail art look involves actual chocolate icing, which is used to create the look of dark brown nail polish. Afterward, the chocolate-covered nails are accented with silver faux pearls for an eye-catching and surprisingly chic effect.

For anyone who has trouble with nail biting, we certainly wouldn’t recommend this beauty trend. After all, chocolate nails may be tempting to bite off during the day, especially if you’re in the mood for a sugar rush. But for anyone who wants to experiment with an unconventional nail trend, edible chocolate nails may be worth trying out this holiday season.