Tiger Eye Hair Colour Makes A Fierce Splash For Fall 2016


Photo: fashionhr on Instagram 

If you want to channel your inner femme fatale this season, tiger eye hair colour just may flatter your locks for autumn. With its dark, enriched shades of golden brown, this hair colour draws its inspiration from the alluring gemstone. For anyone who wants to embrace jewel tones without resorting to vivid sapphires or ruby reds, tiger eye just may be a flawless colour choice.

With its combination of dimensional highlights and brunette hues, tiger eye promises to bring a warm, rich effect to your autumnal beauty looks. On Instagram, hair chameleons are quickly gravitating toward the gorgeous colour, with integrated highlights making a start.

Meanwhile, dark chocolate tresses and hints of caramel are also making a splash. From burnt orange tones to bronze hues, this colour trend truly brings you into the tiger’s eye with its immersion of amber and brown colours.

For olive-skinned brunettes who want to instantly warm up their complexions, tiger eye hair may be your solution. Try drawing your inspiration from these following examples of the trend, and embrace tiger eye locks this fall.


Photo: mayawellsart on Instagram 


Photo: raquelattigereye on Instagram