Rock Glitter Makeup Like A Pro This Season


Photo: wintervea on Instagram 

If you’re aiming to stun this season, Fall/Winter 2016’s glitter makeup trend just may complete your beauty look. While glittery pouts made a splash on the autumn runways, shimmer isn’t restricted to just the lips this season. In fact, glittery eyes and cheeks are officially enjoying a moment in the spotlight. With the holiday season approaching, glitter makeup can easily allow you to capture the festive joy in the air.


Photo: festivalface on Instagram 

On Instagram, beauty addicts are embracing glitter makeup in all of its glory. For some beauty addicts, this means adorning eyelids with a dose of gold sparkle. Other variations of the trend include cheeks lightly dusted with glitter and metallic eyeshadow in shades of copper and gold.

The trick to embracing glitter makeup is to avoid overwhelming your visage with dark tones or thick foundation. Instead, a glowing complexion and nude liquid lipstick can help to create a naturally gorgeous effect.  


Photo: beatbytwiggy on Instagram 

Meanwhile, sticking to subtle hints of glitter for a statement will prevent you from looking as if you’ve been sprinkled with fairy dust. Whether you want to channel your inner party animal or simply capture the holidays, glitter makeup may be a must-try look this season.