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MAC Plunges Into The Fragrance Game With A New Perfume Collection


Photo: maccosmetics on Instagram 

While MAC may be more commonly associated with lipstick and eyeshadow than fragrance, it looks like the makeup giant is taking a dip into the world of scents. In breaking beauty news, the cosmetics brand has announced an upcoming perfume line inspired by its trademark lip colours.

Called Shadescents, the appropriately titled launch merges the worlds of fragrance and makeup into one range. According to, the Shadescents line of six fragrances will include Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, My Heroine, Candy Yum-Yum, Velvet Teddy and Crème d’Nude. From wild cherry notes to hints of incense and saffron, the Shadescents perfumes are said to include a variety of exotic scents.

On their official Instagram account, MAC released a promotional image of the new collection. With their colourful pink, red and purple bottles, the MAC fragrances certainly channel the brand’s lipsticks.

The Shadescents collection is slated to be released online on November 30, and will be available in retail stores on December 8. In the meantime, fragrance addicts will have to stay tuned for further details ahead of the collection’s launch.

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