Flushed Cheeks Are In- Extra Rosy Blush Rules For Autumn 2016


Photo: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016 (Vogue Runway)

Although subtle peach blush may have been a key look over the summer months, Autumn 2016 beauty features darker, flushed cheeks. This season, makeup enthusiasts can look forward to rocking rosy blush tones which are sure to illuminate the visage.

On the runway at Dolce & Gabbana, models strut the catwalk with brightly rouged cheeks and flawless complexions. Meanwhile, contoured and ruddy cheeks are also making a splash on Instagram among beauty addicts. As we approach the chilly season ahead, flushed blush is quickly replaced more understated alternatives of pale pink and light brown.


Photo: marinaloose on Instagram 

If you’re hoping to rock the trend, try keeping the rest of your makeup chic and polished. Stick to liquid foundation to create a youthful glow, and outline your eyes with black winged liner. Meanwhile, a single coat of mascara can also help to showcase your classic cheek colour.


Photo: youarrimazing on Instagram 

While au naturel lip colour can allow your rosy blush to stand out, experimenting with candy apple red lipsticks is also a winning beauty move. However you decide to play with your vivid red blush, remember that a touch of warmth just may warm up your complexion this autumn.