Creamy Blond Is The Latest Glamorous Hair Colour


Photo: ks_studio_ on Instagram 

While a myriad of rainbow hair colours may be making a splash this season, creamy blond is the latest shade to announce its entrance as a reigning Fall 2016 trend. Although many beauty addicts have experimented with bad platinum highlights or sunny golden streaks at one point, cream blond is a more rich, sumptuous take on blonding.


Photo: hairbylenaheak on Instagram 

As the season’s hottest blonde trend, creamy blond features multidimensional colour and soft, natural-looking highlights. In fact, integrated shades of blond keep the colour from appearing too brassy or yellow, and lend an ethereal, refined touch. For anyone who wants to lighten their dark blond tresses, creamy blond just may be a solution.


Photo: thesocietyforhair on Instagram

On Instagram, salon perfect creamy blond looks are causing a sensation. Along with soft waves, blended-in highlights and natural texture, this colour choice proves that lighter locks aren’t solely restricted to the warmer months. If you’ve always wanted to try blond during the autumn, this creamy, enriched colour just may complete your Fall 2016 beauty statement.