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The Latest Earthy Manicure Trend Is Inspired By Your Backyard Garden


Photo: arozona on Instagram 

For Fall 2016, beauty lovers are officially drawing their manicure inspiration from an unlikely source. While your backyard garden may have influenced your Fall 2016 nail art looks, autumn’s manicures are also drawing their cues from the world of botany.

Succulent plants may be most commonly spotted in the great outdoors, but these thick and leafy plants are now quite literally making a splash on fingertips. In fact, Australian botanist Roz Borg has just created a nail art technique which involves placing the plants on fingertips. According to Huffington Post, Borg secures baby succulents on the nails, and uses a plant adhesive to hold her creations in place.


Photo: arozona on Instagram 

For anyone who wants to bring new life to their fingers (pun intended!), the look of thriving miniature plants just may complete your manicure. Even if you’re an avid city slicker who prefers downtown life to gardening, succulent nails can easily transform your everyday manicure into a lush, earthy statement.

While this eccentric nail trend may not be suitable for everyone, it can certainly usher the spirit of springtime to your fingertips. As we settle into the colder temperatures of late autumn, a succulent mani just might be a reminder of the beauty of nature.

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