Spooky Yet Sexy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

With the spookiest night of the year around the corner, beauty addicts will soon be searching for the perfect manicure statement for All Hallows’ Eve. Whether you’re simply tossing a sheet over your head for a makeshift Halloween look or splurging on the ultimate costume, it’s important to sport seasonal talons for the occasion. As we await a night of partying, treats and scary surprises, we’ve curated a few creepy yet chic nail art ideas to suit the holiday.


Photo: blackmilkclothing on Instagram 

Black stiletto nails with edgy white designs: If you’re dressing up as a sexy witch or vampire for Halloween, try adorning long and stiletto-shaped fingernails with contrasting white nail art. The look of spooky cobwebs and tiny bats can help to channel the spirit of the 31st, while the black and white theme is still perfectly en vogue.


Photo: colorclubnaillacquer on Instagram 

Sparkling pastel tips and eerie bats: For colour enthusiasts who simply can’t get enough of glitter and bright shades, pastel tones can look surprisingly scary. We are liking these ombre nails, which feature softly blended light shades of green, blue and lavender. Meanwhile, a single black-painted fingernail brings an edgy to your rainbow-toned tips. Decorate one of your ombre fingertips with tiny black bat nail decals, in order to bring your mani to the next level.


Photo: cayaryu on Instagram 

Festive black and orange talons: Try achieving a more traditional Halloween manicure, by painting your stiletto nails with a bevy of orange and black painted designs. Jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, skeletons and bold black and orange stripes all help to complete the statement. The longer length of the nails adds an instantly seductive and stylish look, which is perfectly fitting for any Halloween parties on your social calendar.

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