Master The Slimeliner Makeup Trend For Halloween


Photo: stjohnnnn on Instagram 

With Halloween spirit in the air, makeup lovers will soon be trading their usual flawless visages for vivid neon colours and gruesome face paint. If you’re not quite ready to sport a full face of zombie makeup, slime inspired eyeliner may be a beauty look to rock this season. Much like its equally creepy cousin knifeliner, the eye makeup trend has surfaced just as we prepare for the 31st.

Also called slimeliner, the vivid makeup look stays true to its name with yellow and green eyeliner which evokes the gooey substance. Some beauty gurus are experimenting with the eerie fad, by integrating glitter into their eye makeup looks. Meanwhile, others are sticking to fluorescent colours and carefully drawn in tears, which offer a striking effect.

With many beauty lovers drawing their inspiration from the hit Goosebumps novels of the 1990s, it looks like this trend may pay tribute to children of the Nineties. Although the calendar may read 2016, the year’s Pokémon beauty craze and slimeliner may be bringing the decade back. If you’re feeling nostalgic and pining for your playground days, slimy eyeliner might suit your tastes.

Although we’d recommend avoiding this crazy makeup look for meetings and after work functions, it certainly serves a purpose for Halloween! As you binge watch horror flicks or sip haunted cocktails with your costumed pals this All Hallows’ Eve, slimeliner just may help to put you in a spooky mood.


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