Holographic Lipstick Sparkles As An Autumn Makeup Trend


Photo: ameliacarhartt on Instagram 

While beige and nude lips are always in style, the latest beauty trend of the season promises to bring a scintillating finish to your makeup bag. Officially known as holographic lips, the latest innovation in lipstick has been causing a storm on Instagram.

Beauty lovers are quickly bringing the trend of holographic nail art onto their lips, by painting their pouts with iridescent sparkle. Holographic lipstick is ruling social media, and quickly making an appearance with its various shades. From the faintest hints of glittery lavender and pale pink to deeper berry tones, this new lipstick fad is all the rage.

If you’re planning to embrace holographic lips this season, we recommend testing out the bold beauty trend with minimalistic eye makeup. Meanwhile, natural-looking glowing skin and slightly flushed lips can help to transport your look to an entirely new level.

With glittery eyelids already making a statement this season, it looks like holographic lipstick is the latest in shimmering beauty. For the brave soul who likes to experiment, a sparkly mouth just may be a new look to try. However, if you prefer a classic look, it may be a better idea to stick to the season’s greige liquid lipstick and dark red lips. In the meantime, take a look at these examples of the trend, before you decide to sport a holographic lip look for autumn.


Photo: eliinthesky on Instagram 


Photo: aboutbeautyfashion_nl on Instagram