Floating Eyeliner Is A Sultry New Makeup Trend


Photo: hellowafflecosmetics on Instagram 

For beauty addicts who are bored of the classic cat eye, incorporating floating eyeliner into your makeup look may be a winning idea. This year, floating liner has made a splash in the world of beauty, and has earned its name from its placement high on the eyelid. The newest variation on winged liner features all manner of rainbow bright hues, often paired with equally bold eyeshadow.


Photo: neeradmakeup on Instagram 

From emerald green to sky blue, adventurous beauty gurus are quickly embracing the eyeliner trend in every shade. If you’re willing to embrace floating eyeliner yourself, it’s best to try the look with a neutral lip and natural-looking skin. After all, a glowing complexion and glossy pout are the perfect accompaniments for a vivid, fierce eye statement.

If you’re heading out for the night, floating eyeliner can easily bring new life to your everyday makeup. Whether you opt for multicoloured shades or a simple yet striking black line, you’ll be sure to seize attention. Here’s a closer peek at floating liner, for those who are brave enough to switch up their eye makeup routine this autumn.


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