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Face Shaving For Women Is An Unexpected New Hair Removal Technique


Photo: on Instagram 

While most ladies are used to shaving their legs, a surprising new beauty phenomenon involves taking a razor to your delicate visage. Face shaving, which is also referred to as kao sori in Japan and dermaplaning elsewhere, has now started to gain popularity in North America.

Kao sori has been popular among Japanese and Korean women, who are also renowned for their youthful and refreshed complexions. More recently, it has earned celebrity fans such as singer LeAnn Rimes.

It is said to remove pesky upper lip, chin or cheek hairs, which have driven countless women to the waxing salon in the past. If you have unwanted facial hair, this removal technique claims to do the trick, and is also said to moisturize the skin.

The facial shaving process involves a scalpel, which is held against the skin by a professional facialist or esthetician. The scalpel is used to eliminate tiny fuzzy hairs, and can also restore a dull complexion to its former glory.

While at-home waxing, sugaring and depilation creams may be more traditional methods of facial hair removal for females, kao sori may be a rising trend. Before you try to shave the fine fuzz from your gorgeous visage, be sure to consult with a skincare professional for further insight.