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Beauty Review: Shaveworks Pearl Souffle Luxurious Shave Cream


Photo: Sephora 

What It Is:

Created by Shaveworks, a brand owned by grooming company Anthony, this lavish shaving cream is targeted at women with all skin types. The Pearl Souffle Luxurious Shave Cream claims to exfoliate, moisturize and even slow the growth of hair while reducing irritation associated with shaving. Enhanced with a light blend of lavender, ginger, and vanilla, this product claims to not be tested on animals.To use this product, spread a thin layer evenly over the area you intend to shave.

What We Thought:

Upon first use, we were surprised to see how little of the actual product comes in a bottle considering its relatively high price point. For a shaving cream, the Pearl Souffle had very little lather, and has more of a gel like texture. As the bottle indicates, the cream’s glossy white colour resembles a pearl and has a pleasantly sweet yet subtle scent.

We didn’t notice much of a difference while actually shaving with this product, in comparison to other shaving creams. It was only after exiting the shower that the Pearl Souffle’s effects became apparent. Immediately after use, our skin was softer and less irritated than usual. After using the product several times during the week, we noticed that stubble was slightly less coarse and less visible. Overall, the effects were positive, though perhaps less dramatic than we had hoped.

Pros: This product delivers what its bottle promises. The Pearl Souffle leaves skin softer, extremely less irritated, and slows hair growth (though not as significantly as we had hoped). A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the product is donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Cons: Considering the amount of product which is offered in a bottle, using this product regularly would mean purchasing it frequently.