Pretty Nail Art Looks For September 2016

As we step into September, it’s officially time to revamp your nail statement for the weeks ahead. With a combination of sunny afternoons and chilly evenings, the arrival of September means that a change in temperature is on the horizon. While you can certainly keep rocking your pastel talons well into autumn, the weeks ahead are also a perfect opportunity to embrace darker colours. As you perfect your fall beauty statement, here are a few easy yet chic manicure ideas to try now.


Photo: essiepolish on Instagram 

Bold sections of pale blue, pink and grey: This Fall 2016 nail art look by Essie features the brand’s Now and Zen sage grey shade. The chic neutral polish is topped off with a coat of Essie’s sky blue Udon Know Me, with a final section of blossom pink Go Go Geisha.


Photo: opi_products on Instagram 

Geometric patterns in shades of metallic grey and red: If you prefer darker and richer shades for autumn, try embracing grey and dark red hues. This OPI nail art look features a dark grey accent talon, along with geometric nails in cranberry and nude tones.


Photo: zoyanailpolish on Instagram 

Pale pink nails with white edges: For a simplistic approach to fall nails, stay true to neutral lacquer shades which will bring you through the season. This refreshing and girlish mani features Zoya’s petal pink polish, with striking white trim around the edges of each nail.