Duck Feet Nails Are The Quirky New Manicure Of The Season


Photo: nailsbyesmeralda on Instagram 

As numerous manicure trends surface this season, it’s challenging to keep track of the multitude of ways to adorn your fingertips. However, the latest emerging trend of duck feet nails promises to forever shift the way you view your square or oval nails. If you’ve been sporting a more classic nail aesthetic the past few weeks, duck-shaped fingertips can easily transform your usual fingertips.

With long tips which start off narrow and then gradually widen, duck feet nails certainly live up to their name. In fact, manicure maniacs are painting their talons with a variety of refreshing hues to flatter the nail shape. Duck feet nails are making a splash in shades of vivid coral, contrasted against gold glitter and creamy beige polish.


Photo: thepeachyqueenblog on Instagram

Meanwhile, more daring beauty divas are swapping their summery hues for fierce embellishment and faux gems. With bold bling adorning the tips, your duck inspired nails will certainly stand out in a crowd. Oversized nail jewels, sparkle and rhinestones keep the party spirit strong, while the duck feet shape creates an over-the-top statement.


Photo: nailsbyshannon2584 on Instagram 

From scintillating leopard prints to elegant black and gold, it looks like there isn’t just one way to sport duck feet nails. While we wouldn’t recommend this trend for minimalists or those who work with their hands, the edgy manicure could certainly look sensational on a Friday night.