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Blue Tansy Oil Is A Breaking Skincare Remedy


Photo: vita_journey on Instagram 

Although many beauty addicts are familiar with argan and coconut oils, it looks like a new skincare ingredient is now set to find its way to the shelf. Blue tansy oil (also referred to as tansy essential oil) is derived from the tansy herb, which is found in Europe and Asia. This beauty breakthrough is said to offer anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal skincare benefits.

According to Organic Facts, tansy oil is also said to boast calming powers. The sedative abilities of this beauty solution mean that the oil may help to soothe the nerves, lift the mood and possibly have anti-anxiety benefits.

In addition to its reputed aromatherapeutic nature, blue tansy oil is said to soothe sensitive skin and to target skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. For anyone who is currently suffering from burnt or irritated skin, this beauty oil just may be a must-try skincare remedy.

For those looking to incorporate tansy oil into their skincare regimen, look out for this ingredient in a variety of beauty balms, face masks and soothing salves. After all, the idea of a refreshed and healthy complexion certainly sounds like a winning idea.