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Beauty Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


Photo: Laneige 

What Is It?

Laneige’s water overnight sleeping mask is said to give skin a well-rested and refreshed appearance the following morning by recharging dehydrated skin overnight. While the revitalizing gel is absorbing into the skin, the product aims to deeply hydrate the skin while sleeping. This face mask is said to be formulated with extremely concentrated mineral water to distribute intense amounts of moisture to dried out skin. The product  claims to be infused with SLEEP-TOX technology, which ultimately helps to rejuvenate and normalize skin which is sensitized by stress and exhaustion. The product also includes aromatic SLEEPSCENT, which is specifically developed for the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, allowing the skin to thoroughly relax and boost its ability to regenerate quickly. The aromatic SLEEPSCENT, comprised of sandalwood, orange flower and rose, calms down and refreshes the skin to brighten, exfoliate and purify the skin.

What We Thought:

At a first glance, the product looks quite thick and strong. However, once applied to the skin, the product had a very light, soft and soothing feel to it. What is great about the product is how smooth it rolls onto the skin without any residue. Your skin feels extremely comfortable and relaxed within minutes. The product has a calming scent to it which doesn’t overwhelm your senses. Due to the highly concentrated water within the product, you can easily feel how the skin will be detoxified and hydrated by the next morning. When woken up the next morning, my skin felt extremely soft, smooth and had an overall natural glow.

Pro: The lightweight and super refreshing properties within the mask allow it to be quite comfortable for overnight use. The product creates a brighter look for the skin, as if it had been well-rested for up to 8 hours at a time. It is a great moisturizing and hydrating product.

Con: While we found it incredibly effective, we wished the product was designed for nightly use, as it is recommended for usage twice a week.

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