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Real Style Tries The Miraj Spa Energizing Facial Treatment


Recently, Real Style had the opportunity to try the new Miraj Spa Energizing Facial Treatment at the Miraj Hammam Spa at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto.

Created by esthetician Tina Song, this new 75 minute beauty treatment also incorporates an Indian Head Massage and includes products from French skincare line Caudalie Paris. It claims to reduce the effects of stress and migraines, and to help moisturize the skin. As part of the process, the facial treatment involves Thai herbal balls, which claim to soothe skin.

Our session started by being led into the VIP Suite of the spa, which featured Moroccan inspired décor and shades of warm gold. Song explained that the treatment would clarify combination skin, offer a radiant complexion and purify and mattify the skin.

The first step of the treatment consisted of makeup remover to take away traces of eye makeup, along with Caudalie’s Gentle Buffing Cream, Gentle Cleansing Milk and Instant Foaming Cleanser. We were pleasantly surprised by Song’s reassuring touch. While the initial gentle yet probing sensations of the facial took some time to adjust to, it quickly transformed into a relaxing experience.

Next, Song used Caudalie Moisturizing Toner, Grape Water and Beauty Elixir to tone the complexion. We were later introduced to the slightly warm Thai Herbal Balls, which were lightly scented and filled with coconut.

With our sometimes sensitive skin, we were at first curious about trying the herbal balls. However, the exotic coconut scent and the natural texture of the balls actually brought a unique touch to this treatment. Song explained that the balls could later be used at home, and in fact warmed in the microwave to re-create the treatment.

For the expert treatments, Song applied Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and Purifying Mask to the visage. The products were lightweight, and left us with hydrated skin and a glow. Meanwhile, the accompanying Indian Head Massage, which is part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, was designed to reduce tension levels. It gradually increased in steady pressure, yet we found that it brought a unique feeling and kinesthetic twist to a traditional facial.

Overall, we discovered that the Energizing Facial Treatment had a calming physical and emotional effect, while the gently scented products did not irritate our sensitive nose. For facial and massage newbies, the pressures of the treatment may come as a new sensation. However, the longer time frame and the tranquil environment of the spa helped to complete a thorough and blissful treatment.

Photo: Miraj Hammam Spa 

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