Master Glowing Golden Makeup With This Beauty Tutorial


Photo: carlibel on Instagram 

This season, try channelling your inner golden goddess with perfectly bronzed skin and sultry sparkling lids. Whether you’re heading out for cocktails or hitting the party circuit, golden tones and subtle shimmer can help to instantly elevate your makeup look. Try taking your beauty cues from this tutorial, and mastering the essential summertime glow in just a few simple steps.

1) Start off by priming your eyelids and applying eyeshadow: To launch your beauty look on a perfect note, use primer or concealer to prepare your eyelids. Begin applying a soft, shimmery pink eyeshadow using a thin makeup brush. Next, add a dark brown shade right over the light pink, right at the outer corners of your eyelids. Gently smudge in the eyeshadow.

2) Add a shimmering peach eyeshadow over the two shades: Once you have applied the pink and brown shades, add a slightly shimmering dark peach eyeshadow over the two colours. Use your makeup brush to blend in the trio of eyeshadows, to produce a soft effect.

3) Emphasize your eyes with black winged liner: To bring your eye makeup look to the next level, use a black gel or liquid eyeliner. Create a flawless winged eyeliner look, and then adjust the eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes. Darken your eyeshadow at this point using the makeup brush, if needed.

4) Underline your eyelids with dark brown eyeshadow: In order to emphasize your lower eyelids, use chocolate brown eyeshadow to trace under your lash line. Use a glittery dark brown shade to enhance the look of this dark eyeliner, and bring sparkle to your eyes.

5) Add a coat of mascara: Next, add a coat of black mascara to your lashes, or apply false eyelashes if desired. Use a gold eyeliner pencil to trace under your lash line, contour your cheekbones and forehead and add bronzer.

6) Outline your lips and apply pink lip gloss: Use a dark pink lip pencil to trace your pout, and fill in your lips with a girlish pink lip gloss. The lighter colour keeps the focus on your gorgeous bronzed skin and eyes, while staying true to sweet summertime tones. Add a pink liquid lipstick over the glossy pout, and carefully sculpt your cheekbones with dark pink blush.

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