Beat Summertime Frizz With This French Fishtail Braid


Photo: luxyhair on Instagram 

With the summertime humidity and heat leading to frayed strands and unwanted frizz, beauty lovers everywhere will be plaiting their locks to protect them from the elements. If your summertime locks have left you with frizzy tresses and frazzled nerves, try styling your long mane into a French fishtail braid. Here’s how to master this weatherproof hairstyle in a few simple steps.

1) Start by pulling a section from the back of your head into a high ponytail: In order to launch your hairstyle on a flawless note, start with smooth and tangle-free tresses. Next, gently pull a thin segment of hair from the back of your head into a high braided pony.

2) Begin creating a woven French braid: Integrate surrounding strands of hair into the style, to create a woven effect. Continue weaving strands into your half-up and half-down braided hairstyle, until you reach the tail end of your fishtail French braid.

3) Loosen the plaited sections for a pancaked effect: Bring texture to your hairstyle by carefully loosening the braided segments of your hairstyle. Create a pancaked (or thick and texturized effect) by using your fingers to gently pull apart the sections.

4) Secure your braid and adjust any flyaway strands: For a finishing touch, fasten your plait in place with a clear elastic band. Once again, use your fingers to loosen the French braided sections near the top of your head and smooth away any unwanted frizz. For a soft look, leave a couple of free-falling tendrils falling loosely on either side of your visage.

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