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Blurred Eyeliner Is A Soft, Smokey And Simple Makeup Trend For 2016


Photo: mua_nina on Instagram

For anyone who is still struggling to perfect their winged eyeliner, it looks like welcome beauty news is in the air. The latest makeup trend is officially blurred liner, which means that it’s no longer a makeup faux pas to be rocking an imperfect wing.

Staying true to its name, blurred eyeliner is a carefree update on the traditional cat eye, with softly smudged edges. With summertime beauty in full swing, this makeup look fits into the bohemian chic, slightly rebellious spirit in the air.

On social media, makeup mavens are quickly bringing blurred liner into their everyday regimens. Beauty addicts are pairing smokey, imperfect feline eyeliner with shimmering eyeshadow and flirty long lashes. Meanwhile, those who prefer simplicity can also combine their blurry liner with neutral lips and flawless skin.

Will softly blended eyes quickly replace the flawless cat eye as a must-have eye makeup look? We certainly think sporting a blurred look is better than striving for a perfect flick, and having to redo your eyes after a slight flick!

Here’s a closer look at this edgy yet effortless new beauty trend.


Photo: makeupby_anavladi on Instagram 


Photo: aurorafiguerola on Instagram


Photo: mrs_akaeva on Instagram 

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