Master Vibrant Rainbow Eyeliner In A Few Easy Steps- Here’s How


Photo: jaclynhill on Instagram

With the sassy spirit of springtime in the air, it’s officially the perfect time to trade your classic black winged eyeliner for fierce rainbow eyes. While multicoloured eyeliner may not be an appropriate look for the office, it certainly fits in flawlessly with the season’s 1970s inspired vibes on the music festival circuit. Whether your plans for the night involve hitting the dance floor or hosting the ultimate house party, try capturing the free-spirited beauty of spring with a vivid eye makeup look. Here’s how to master a gorgeous rainbow eye in just a few simple steps.

1) Start off by preparing your eyelids with primer: In order to achieve an enviable eye makeup look, prepare your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. This will help to create a smooth surface, which will keep oily lids under control.

2) Begin applying shadow with an eyeshadow brush: Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a peach-coloured powder eyeshadow easily and effectively. Next, layer a petal pink shade over the peach shadow and create a darkened eyeshadow effect.

3) Add mint green eyeliner for a contrasting effect: As the next step in crafting your eye makeup statement, enhance your eyelids with pastel green eyeliner. Use a gel-based liner and a thin makeup brush in order to create a flawless winged effect. At this point, you can also apply false eyelashes if desired.

4) Apply primer and foundation for a glowing complexion: Next, perfect your complexion with liquid primer. Use a kabuki brush to apply powder foundation, and then conceal any blemishes or undereye circles with liquid concealer. As a finishing touch, apply setting powder in order to showcase your glowing complexion.

5) Enhance your lower eyelids with lilac eyeliner and add eyeshadows: For a contrasting effect against your light green wings, try emphasizing your lower eyelids with a touch of lilac-coloured liner. To further enhance your lower lids, lightly brush on a wine red eyeshadow and then magenta-hued and orange eyeshadow. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeshadow, and fill in your eyebrows if needed.

6) Contour with bronzer, add blush and finish your lip with a pale pink lip: Use a bronzer to carefully highlight your cheekbones and bring a sun-kissed touch to your forehead. Next, add a rosy pink blush, add mascara to your lower lashes and showcase your pretty pout with a natural-looking light pink colour.